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Updated 24 July, 2000  Welcome Page Welcome Page

The Toon goes to Washington


By now you probably know about the US pre-season tour in July 2000. The lads, recently back in training, are to play their 1st warmup match against the in-form, mid-season DC United squad (MLS). So we thought we'd head up North for the weekend and support the lads and meet some friendly Geordies... which we did!

Currently (I've not been back home for 24 hours yet) I have not even edited the photos or taken time to write much about them because I wanted to post them as soon as possible. I'll clean it up someday soon.

Also check out the new USA Supporters website.

See our Toon Army Photos from the DC 2000 team Trip. I apologize that the pics of the match are crap... hey that's why Ian, the club photographer is here. I was mainly focusing on the supporters.


You can always drop a note to Cyndi or Myself and we will try to reply promptly. As always, please give us notice if you are heading 'over the pond' to the Disney area and we'll try to give you a heads up on any special things of interest (like the best deals on pints and where to watch the footy!).


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