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Jaymer's Match Reports - August 1999

July 25 - Gotham Cup
Aston Villa v Fiorentina

Well, my season actually started in July with the Gotham City Cup, a 4 team tourney held in New Jersey.

So I watched this game to check out AV because we open the season to them. They were thouroughly SPANKED by Fiorentina!


August 1 - Charity Shield
ManU v Arsenal

I don't see how some of these guys can constantly say this is a 'nothing' of a game. If you are playing ManU, its a chance to kick some Manc BUTT. Isn't this what a lot of people are saying since ManU pulled out of the FA Cup - that many smaller teams won't have the chance to play the big Mancs? I know if we had the chance to play them, it wouldn't just be a 'friendly'.

This game certainly started off in ManU's favor, and I was really surprised than Arsenal came back and won this game. I was listening to ManU announcers, so it's really funny when they said (after the ManU loss): "Well, both teams today were short some very key players, [so this isn't really representative of their capabilities]." Bollocks!


Gotham City Cup
Aston Villa (0) v Fiorentina (4)

Charity Shield
ManU (1) v Arsenal (2)

Opening Day
Newcastle (0) v Aston Villa (1)

Opening Day
Arsenal (2) v Leicester City (1)

Sunday 8 August 99
Man U (1) v Everton (1)

Monday 9 August 99
Spurs (3) v Newcastle (1)

Tuesday 10 August 99
Arsenal (2) v Derby County (1)

Saturday 14 August 99
Leicester City (2) v Chelsea (2)

Sunday 15 August 99
Southampton (4) v Newcastle (2)

Saturday, 21 August 99
Newcastle (3) v Wimbledon (3)

Sunday, 22 August 99
Man Utd (2) v Arsenal (1)

Wednesday, 25 August 99
Newcastle (1) v Sunderland Mackems (2)

Saturday, 28 August 99
Spurs (1) v Leeds (2)

Saturday, 28 August 99
Liverpool (2) v Arsenal (0)

Sunday, 29 August 99
Sunderland Mackems (1) v Coventry City (1)

Monday, 30 August 99
Newcastle (1) v ManU (5)

Hummm... Yorke, Cole, Beckham, Scholes, Butt, Stam, Bosnich -- how may more do they need to say it IS their full squad - Arsenal didn't have Overmars or Bergkamp - just Kanu the super sub up front attacking. They beat the MANCS fair and square! (radio)

August 7 - Opening Day
Newcastle (0) v Aston Villa (1)

Well, because Planet Football is crap, my subscription to NUFC audio service did me no good as the Real Audio program never could connect to anything. 3 minutes after kickoff, I even subscribed to Aston Villa Audio Service (and put another 6 quid on my credit card) hoping I could get through that way but it was silent as well. I'll be contacting those fingers for a refund!

Well, I don't know if the "Lads" were boo'd off the pitch again this year - its a damn shame to miss the season opener. We lose and I'll just have to get the post mortem elsewhere. (???)

August 7 - Opening Day
Arsenal (2) v Leicester City (1)

Well, because Planet Football is crap, my subscription to NUFC audio service did me no good as the Real Audio program never could connect to anything... :)

So, I could easily go over to and hear the Arsenal match - and an exciting one it was! Glad to see Bergkamp back - He scored one. Tough match for the Foxes as with 3 minutes to go, they seemed to be playing for the draw. Unfortunately, Arsenal kept attacking and an own-goal by the Leicester captain on a corner gives them the big 0 points for opening day. Also, 3 players were off with injury for Leicester - tough way to start. (radio)

August 8
Man U (1) v Everton (1)

Didn't personally see this game or highlights yet. An certainly glad Everton get a point, although probably not deserved. Good thing Stam didn't make that Own Goal while Peter S. was still their or he'd have been in for a big arse-chewing from the Dutchman! (radio)

August 9
Spurs (3) v Newcastle (1)

Actually drove to Orlando (1 hr.) to see this game live on Fox. Would have been nice to have Shearer get that early Bergkamp-like curver into the far post, but not to be. The little Peruvian puts us ahead and all looks good, but gee - aren't the white shirts spending an awful lot of time in our area??? They had tremendous heading and control abilities (and thru balls) in our box and two Harper full-body saves kept us in it. Then the walls came down! I think you have to admit that Dabizas, for all his faults, would probably have stopped that Iverson header - he was just too tall (and unmarked) for our guys.

Then there were too many unforced turnovers of the ball. Finally found out who that 'old guy' was (Dumas) when he came out - how old is he anyway? Since Griffin did a number on Ginola last April, I wonder if he could have contained him again? And again, Shearer gets his head on almost every long ball put towards him - but there's [generally] never anyone there to finish or collect it - what's with that? Goma looked good in the backfield - good speed. But not the major retrofit of the defense I thought we would be seeing after the summer. (tv)

Before the game, We were 19th with only Sunderland below. But Sunderland win 2-nil over Watford and are above us in the table. What's with that crap?

August 10
Arsenal (2) v Derby County (1)

My man Bergkamp gets another goal! A very exciting game and I listened entirely on It still amazes me how crappy the Technical Quality of the commentary is on other games (planet football sites), but Arsenal and ManU are crystal clear.

Whoever was calling this game today (could have been J Pierce - don't recall hearing his name) is exceptional - exciting, clear, enthusiastic and professional. He even seems to be less biased towards Arsenal - yes he wants the Gunners to win, but when Derby scored his comments we 'how good it was' as opposed to 'how bad we were defending' and its a refreshing pleasure to listen to. Now those two old goats that call the ManU matches on Century 105 are another story...

So, the Gunners go top of the table - how long will it last? (radio)

August 14
Leicester City (2) v Chelsea (2)

Today's magic number is 2.
2 for each of the points scored by each team, and 2 for the 2nd week in a row the Leicester Captain, Frank Sinclair, provided an own-goal in closing minutes. With Izzet scoring in the 89th minute I'm thinking about who I could call on the phone over in Leicester to congratulate. At that minute, my headline would have been "Foxes Foil Foreigners". Instead I have to change that to "Foxes "F&&k Themselves".

A few moments later, just after the announcer mentioned "Chelsea attacking very strong here in the closing minutes", he's screaming because Chelsea equalized off a cross where Sinclair headed the ball into his own goal past the new crowd favorite, Tim Flowers. The prior week, LC lost all three points and this week they leave 2 on the table. With 6 points they'd be tied for top of the table! Sinclair leads the Own Goal list with 2.

There can't be many teams (ManU is one) who after going down just before injury time can have the desire to continue and keep pushing for the equalizer like Chelsea did - and it paid off. Overall, a great exciting game. (radio)

August 15
Southampton (4) v Newcastle (2)

As I'm writing this, Soto has just scored their 2nd goal in the 2nd half to really put the lads in a funk! This is my 1st NUFC game I've listened to on RealAudio this year and the clarity of the commentary is CRAP!

Scratch that - the clarity of the commentary is UTTER CRAP! Soto just scored their 3rd goal in 11 minutes and I can't understand a damn word this commentator is saying if he talks over a mid-volume level. I know something has happened at the Dell when a bunch of static comes over my speakers and I can't understand anything. I told everyone this (wrote letters to the club and planetfootball) last season and nothing has changed.

The lads seem to have fallen apart for the 3rd game in a row. Shearer put em up with a penalty 22 minutes in. In what has to be an emotional .... oops, they are yelling again on the speakers, so I guess they have scored again. Yes, 4th goal in 20 minutes just minutes after Shearer sent over the bar from 4 yards out. Well, this week, after Gullit's "blame the players", "No, its my fault" stories, there was a poll on Football365 as to whether Gullit would still be at St. James's by Christmas. Its certainly to get more play this week. Gullit had said the players were just not trying in the 2nd half and 'getting their heads down' - well, I don't see how they can ride the bus north without being totally down.

Shearer and co. are still trying, so with about 7 to go, they haven't given up... and win their 1st corner in the 2nd half. Solano corner to Speed and SCORE!!!!! Goma just defended to save a 5th goal and this game is the 1st week of our new keeper, John Karelse.
The game's over and the circus now starts!
19th defeat in 28 games.
Failed to win at the Dell in 28 years!

What a crappy start to the season.
Duncan Feguson? still injured
New signings Dumas and Marcelino are out today - injured.
Shearer's red card will stand so he's out next week to Wimbeldon.
Serrant went off injured today. (radio)

August 21
Newcastle (3) v Wimbledon (3)

In what looked to be our first win of the season, the lads dropped a 3-1 lead and drew to the Dons. Shearer was out for this match and we still put 3 in the net, although the penalty from a handball beginning the 2nd period was pretty lame and undeserved. So really, we lost this game as well.

Boo'd from the pitch, it took 4 games, vs, the boos in the 2nd match last year for Dalglish. (radio)

August 22
Manchester Utd. (2) v Arsenal (1)

The 1st big clash of the season. Arsenal goes up before the break, but Roy Keane, who looks to pocket a ton into his bin on a Bosman at year-end scores two, the winner with 2 minutes to go. A heartbreak match for the Gunners and it puts the Mancs clear at the top. (radio)

August 25
Newcastle (1) v Sunderland Mackems (2)

This game might go down in history. Its still too early for official reports from the club. All the press is making it sound emminent that Shearer or Gullit will leave St. James after a disastrous loss to the Mackem Bastards. Shearer is kept on the bench for 78 minutes and in a massive rain downpour (which will keep groundskeeper Paul Stephens busy for the next 10 days repairing), we actually go up 1-0 only to lose ANOTHER lead against two goals in the 2nd half.

The loss is one thing and its a bad thing. The impending/ continuing row between Gullit and Shearer, and now the fans and the board, etc. certainly seem to imply something will give. I hope it doesn't though. I like Gullit. I like him alottt! Shearer, on the other hand has never played as well as Euro 96 and before at the Dell. We all think he is good - should be good - should be enough for us - but he never really produces. And I have to agree with some pundit in the last few weeks who scoffed at the idea "Shearer in mgmt. role at club". He does seem too moody/childish sometimes on the field and doesn't lead the team, in my opinion. So, how is he going to lead better from the coach's box?

I like him a lot as well, but I'll sacrifice all my tops with "Shearer / 9" imprinted on them to go back to a winning team!

Oh, they were boo'd from the pitch again! (radio)

*** 1st weekend of my new Satellite Dish and I view 4 games!!!
But I don't take the time to write about them that weekend and now I've forgotten a lot of stuff. :(    This is why I must write this stuff down or I just forget about it because the games all run together (except our NUFC matches, of course! - Those I remember)

August 28
Spurs (1) v Leeds (2)

Two matches each weekend are in Spanish; this was one. I taped it and asked a Leeds friend if it was worth watching. He said Yes - imagine that! So I watched it and yes it was worth it to see Leeds play a great 2nd half to take the points. But thats all I remember.

August 28
Liverpool (2) v Arsenal (0)

Good to see Fowler scoring again and in good form. Anfield was really alive for this one. Arsenal held to zero points and zero goals and even Davor Suker, the new Croatian national and World Cup 98 star failed to score with a 89th minute penalty kick that was blocked - no, it just wasn't the Gunner's day.

August 29
Sunderland Mackems (1) v Coventry City (1)

Robbie Keane looked to be the hero again for CC until the makems score a late equalizer. This was the weekend after Gullit announced he was quitting after getting beat by the mackems at home. So after our loss earlier that week, I sure was pulling for Coventry. Kevin Phillips had a cracking volley which went right between Magnus Hedmond's legs to equalize - they didn't deserve it!!!

August 30
Newcastle (1) v ManU (5)

What needs to be said. Gullit jumped ship at the right time - no sense in taking more heat after this loss. Cole scores 4 and goes to the top of the scoring table. Our goal was an own goal by the ManU defender. They really put the screws to us. NU gets to settle down now with international duty the following weekend and get their act together before Chelsea.


(remember, I only write a match report on a game I either listen to in its entirety (unless noted) or personally view on tv.)

You can always drop a note to Cyndi or Myself and we will try to reply promptly. As always, please give us notice if you are heading 'over the pond' to the Disney area and we'll try to give you a heads up on any special things of interest (like the best deals on pints and where to watch the footy!).
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