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Updated Wednesday 28 July 1999  Welcome Page Welcome Page

Jaymer and Cyndi visit the Legendary Twin Towers to support the Toon!

FA Cup Final - Us vs. the Mancs

May 22, 1999

Wembley Way - What a Sight! Nothing could have prepared us for that walk - or the Black and White Elvis's!

Our May 1999 trip was capped off with, well, you know the result... and the agony.  <-- I'm not actually sure if that guy was really disappointed because we lost, or if his head was still throbbing after leaving Tyneside at 6:30am after a night on the piss.

We certainly had a good day at Wembley, result notwithstanding.  In the midst of thousands, we ran across several people we knew from the club and made a bunch of new acquaintances and friends (especially see "Its a small world after all").


So, go ahead and visit our May 1999/FA Cup page(s) and see if you recognize some Geordies. Or check out the details of our other trips Tyneside.

You can always drop a note to Cyndi or Myself and we will try to reply promptly. As always, please give us notice if you are heading 'over the pond' to the Disney area and we'll try to give you a heads up on any special things of interest (like the best deals on pints and where to watch the footy!).
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