This is a picture of Erté and Dexter when Erté was just 6 weeks old, I never had to use a leash on her because she always had a hold of Dexter's. The minute I put these two together they started playing and haven't stopped since. They both love to run and roll around.

James was on a seven day boat dive (the kind where they are in the middle of the ocean with no phone, etc.) when a friend of ours brought her over. I fell in love with her immediately. When James came home and looked in the dog pen his first words were, "What is THAT?", I just said, "What?" and turned around and walked in the house.

I went to the window and saw James fall in love with her too once he saw how great they were together. James will come home every once in a while, take off his shirt and run out the back door yelling, "PUPPY, PUPPY" and just roll around and play with them, its great. And he thinks he won't be a good Father!!

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