Spring 2000

Got Food?

Zorro riding Erte

Christmas 1999

Here's two pics from this recent Christmas.

Cyndi and Jaymer and two well-dressed Dogs (70k)

Cyndi and her babies (300k)

Jaymer and Dexter Around the Christmas Tree [[#1]] [[#2]] (60k each)

November 1998

Unfortuately, "Big Dexter" was hit by a car on a road in front of our house. They loved to run and ran out around the house from the back into the front and onto a mjor road about midnight and Dexter was killed. We had so much fun with a basset that we decided to replace him as quickly as possible. Actually, we got a much better deal. Erte was lonely for a week without a companion, but soon came... Lil' Dexter

Big Dexter was mistreaded as a pup, and was VERY protective of things he was eating. He actually chased Cyndi onto the bed one day as she tried to get one of those little hair crunchie/wrap things away from him. But Lil' Dexter is much more obedient (ha, thats a laugh in itself when you're talking about Bassets) and we trained him well from a pup. He loves to run around and play/wrestle with Erte - they are both jealous of each other when it comes to spending time with us.

Al in all, it worked out well for us, even with the brief pain of losing Big D.

June 1998

OK, OK, now you get to see the puppies. I call them the puppies, but Dexter, the Basset Hound is two years old and Erté (Air-tay)(born March 97), the Pit Bull/Retriever Mix is just over one. Anyway, I have included thumbnails of some photos below and all you need to do is click on them to see them better! Have fun!

This is a picture of Erté and Dexter when Erté was just 6 weeks old, I never had to use a leash on her because she always had a hold of Dexter's. The minute I put these two together they started playing and haven't stopped since. They both love to run and roll around.

James was on a seven day boat dive (the kind where they are in the middle of the ocean with no phone, etc.) when a friend of ours brought her over. I fell in love with her immediately. When James came home and looked in the dog pen his first words were, "What is THAT?", I just said, "What?" and turned around and walked in the house.

I went to the window and saw James fall in love with her too once he saw how great they were together. James will come home every once in a while, take off his shirt and run out the back door yelling, "PUPPY, PUPPY" and just roll around and play with them, its great. And he thinks he won't be a good Father!!

A picture of us with Erté when she was about 5 months old, she grew REAL quick!

Dexter being the best looking Basset Hound around - and knowing it!

Life sucks, ya know!

Erté, now full grown (I hope), she weighs about 65 lbs now, she started at 14.6 when we got her at 4 weeks.

Dexter has such the life weighing in at 53 lbs!
(By the way, Erté used to fit under Dexter, now the tables have turned and Dexter has no problem fitting under Erté!)

Now this one you have to look at closely, I took it through the window. In between the top two arrows is Lurch our African Gray eating a plate of goodies, In between the bottom two arrows are both puppies with their snouts upward waiting in anticipation for anything (and I mean anything) that may fall!