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Jaymer's Match Reports - Introduction

I can still remember the opening day of the Premiership from last year, 1998. I was driving to Orlando and knew our match was going to be shown on tape delay at noon. I stopped in a pub and since I was early, I caught the end of the live match from 10am. I saw what looked to be the first drubbing of the Mancs of the season - they were down two goals to Leicester City with only 10-15 left.

This would be the game where David Beckam would make his amends for his sending off in the World Cup just a month or two prior with the first of many amazing direct kicks. Its also the game where ManU equalized inside of 5-10 minutes and opened their treble-season with a draw to Leicester.

Kenny Dalglish after the 1997 Season Home final game against Chelsea. A 3-1 Victory at this game ensured the Toon was to stay in the top flight.
Unfortunately [for Kenny and Us], not much improved over the summer and he was sacked after the 2nd week of 1998.

Then came our opener against Charlton Athletic (they were relegated at the end of 1998) at home. I remember Shearer could have scored about 15 minutes in except for some defender who blocked the ball off the goal line. I remember how they had someone sent off and I believe they played short for most of an hour. But what I (and I think you) remember most is how Kenny Dalglish and the squad were boo'd off the pitch after a dreadful nil-nil draw to a 1st division team a man down. The beginning of the end for Kenny.

Well thats just opening day and I saw a bunch more matches throughout the year. So I had an idea that I'd make notes on the matches and just to see how CRAZY I was for spending all this time watching English Footy, I wanted to know at the end of the year just how much football consumed. Well, after a couple of weeks into the season, I had seen so many games that I couldn't go back and write about all of them (mostly cause I couldn't keep it all straight by then) so I didn't even start the project! But this year will be different because I'm starting already and all the updates will be right here on the ol' website.

You can always drop a note to Cyndi or Myself and we will try to reply promptly. As always, please give us notice if you are heading 'over the pond' to the Disney area and we'll try to give you a heads up on any special things of interest (like the best deals on pints and where to watch the footy!).
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